My Favorites of 2014

It took awhile, but I have decided on my favorite images from 2014. Actually, I feel pretty pleased because I have narrowed it down to more than twelve images, and Ansel Adams said that twelve images in a year was doing very well (I paraphrase). I guess I may have cheated some, because a couple  of these images were taken earlier than last year, I just didn’t process, or finalize them, until now.  So, without further ado, I present my favorites of 2014.Morning_Mist Winter_Trees_2 Moon_Underscored Moon_and_Trees Springs_Greens Windblown_Grasses Amarylsi_Profiles Bit_of_a_Bow Bloomin_Cactus Quiet_Evening Into_the_Wild Fall_Colors Progression Autumn_Gold Spots_of_Color Hangers-On  If you have a favorite or three, please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you about which you like the best (or least, if you prefer).  Until next time, enjoy!

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