Chris Casper

My Favorites of 2014

It took awhile, but I have decided on my favorite images from 2014. Actually, I feel pretty pleased because I have narrowed it down to more than twelve images, and Ansel Adams said that twelve images in a year was doing very well (I paraphrase). I guess I may have cheated some, because a couple  […]


I have been thinking about balance recently, and how I might incorporate more of it into my life and work. And it seems that I am not the only one thinking the same thing, because, after doing some research on the issue, I have found many articles referring to studies on this subject by psychologists […]

From the Beginning

Welcome. This is the beginning of my  journey to artistic expression through photography.  Though I never referred to myself as an artist before this journey began, I am a classically trained musician, and, really, a musician is as much an artist as, say, a painter or  sculptor. This is one example of the change in […]